Memories of "the Portables"

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Portables 1960.jpg

Lew Wallace was a beautiful school. But my memories of school would not be complete without the " white painted portables". These outage buildings played a big part of our curriculum @ Lew Wallace. It still reminds me of the white portable type buildings that comprised Franklin Elementary. Notice that in our day (60's) we carried our back packs then. These girls are headed for the buses that parked on 45th Ave. One of the "shop" portables is in the back round.

Portable gym 1960.jpg

North side (backside) of Lew Wallace in mid 60's). A scene that is known all too well. The girls portable gym is pictured in the backround, along with the utility building & the West building. Just north of the portable gym was much of the playground area, with basketball courts, handball courts, etc. and of course, 45th Ave.

- Rich Paskash

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