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"Hail to Lew Wallace"

Hail to Lew Wallace
Fight for her fame.
Keep her colors flying,
Glorify her name.
Loyal Lew Wallace,
To us you’ll e’er be dear,
And to the colors of black and gold,
Cheer, Lew Wallace, cheer!

"Lew Wallace Loyalty"
(words by Lew Wallace students, 1936)

1.Come on Hornets, show your might.
Yaa, team, fight, fight, fight!
Send the ball across the goal line
We want a touchdown sure this time
Winning or losing we will stand by you
Our loyal spirits, boys, will see you through
So fight as did our teams of old;
Defend the black and gold.

2. Hail, Lew Wallace, we are true,
Staunch and loyal too
We will hold your mem'ry always
Making the best of all we do. Rah, Rah, Rah.
To your ideals forever we will hold;
Follow the standard of the black and gold.
So hand in hand, our friendship true,
We pledge our faith anew.

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