Class of 1932 and the Lew Wallace Study, Crawfordsville, IN

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Study Gets High School's Gift

By ALBERTA WHITE - Staff Writer, Crawfordsville Journal Review

Two ladies, dedicated to the preservation of historic data, traveled to Crawfordsville yesterday to present historic momentos to Park and Recreation Director Rita Hamm to be placed in the Lew Wallace Study.

Mayme M. O'Connor and Rosemary D. Tulley are graduates of Lew Wallace Highs School, the only high school in the state with that name, located. at Gary. Mrs. O'Connor was a member of the school's first graduating class in 1932. Mrs. Tully was graduated with the class of 1933.

They revealed that the name of the school was chosen by a popular vote of the students. Lew Wallace was a great statesman, writer and general during the Civil War. It is the purpose of the school to foster the standards of scholarship, loyalty, valor, honor and sportsmanship which Lew Wallace upheld during his life.

The ladies presented to the museum a crest, picture and 1932 annual as a part of the 50th anniversary of that first graduating class.

Appropriately, the school was granted permission to use the crest of the Wallace family. The crest bears the coat of arms of the Wallace family dating back to the 11th century. The school is the only organization in the United States privileged to use this crest. For this reason it is the desire of students and faculty to display and use it on only such occasions as they know the Wallace family would be proud to have it used. The crest is something to be respected and venerated.

In a letter dated Feb. 17, 1926, to the school principal, Miss Ina Martin, Lew Wallace Jr. (the grandson of Lew Wallace) said: "I wish to thank you in person for the honor to the memory of my grandfather, Gen. Lew Wallace, in naming your school in Gary the Lew Wallace School. My only regret is that my father, Henry Lane Wallace, did not himself receive your letter of January twenty-second, but he died very suddenly on January ninth while visiting us over the Christmas holidays.

"Although General Wallace died in 1905, I remember him very distinctly, and he was as you said a polished, courteous, chivalrous type of Indiana gentleman. His life and what he accomplished would make an ideal worthy of any child's ambition.

"We deeply appreciate your thought of him, and the honor to his family. Sincerely yours, Lew Wallace Jr."

A myrtlewood copy of the Lew Wallace family crest was carved in 1977 by Charles J. Lucas, class of 1933. This was the crest given to the museum yesterday by Mrs. O'Connor and Mrs. Tully.

While leafing through the annual, both ladies noted that each graduating student chose their favorite quote from one of Lew Wallace's books. Some of those found were: "His faith was won," "She has outwitted them all," "The happiness of love is in action; its test is what one is willing to do for others," "She came and went in music," all taken from Ben Hur.

The ladies remembered that the cost of the annuals in 1932 was 50 cents, which was very expensive during those Depression years and many students could not afford a copy.

The large picture of the 1932 class was also given to the museum, along with a monetary gift.

It is only through the foresight of people such as Mrs. O'Connor and Mrs. Tully that historic memorabilia will be preserved for the pleasure of future generations.

Crawfordsville Journal Review - circa 1982

Update - July 2015

On June 16, 2015, the LWHS History Wiki team picked up the above mentioned artifacts from the Lew Wallace Study in Crawfordsville and transferred them to the Calumet Regional Archives at Indiana University Northwest campus in Gary. It was agreed by the curators of both institutions that these items belonged in Gary, where they originated.

The Lew Wallace Study raised concerns that they could not appropriately display the items, primarily due to insufficient space, and their remote location made viewing an inconvenient field trip for LWHS historians. The Calumet Regional Archives welcomed the items into their collection, where they will be maintained and made available to LWHS alumni and other visitors in Northwest Indiana.

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