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1966, and Lew Wallace receives the high honor of being recognized by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (NCA), a very prestigious group.

The school was singled out not just for the renovation plans which were already in the works, but for the staff and students being “highly qualified, well-disciplined and groomed.”

The major event of the 1967-1968 year was the regular evaluation of Lew Wallace by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (NCA). Accreditation by this group meant meeting higher professional standards than required by the states. Most universities considered a secondary school's accreditation by the NCA as an aspect of student acceptance for college admission. The total school program was evaluated by a thirteen member committee of teachers and administrators from other secondary schools and universities in Indiana. They were in our buildings before, during, and after school for a week. Acceptance and approval by this group would mean a school has the highest overall rating in the state. This evaluation occurs every ten years. The committee approved of the Lew Wallace educational program and made special note of the following:

1. Lew Wallace is an excellent school with a sincere and competent professional staff.
2. Lew Wallace staff and students were highly qualified, well disciplined, and well groomed.
3. The physical plant is insufficient. There are 2300 students in buildings with a capacity of 1800.<nr/> 4. While fifty two percent of graduates attend college, more vocational programs are needed for the remaining forty eight.
5. There have been some difficulties in creating an integrated school in an almost all-white area, but the effectiveness in handling the situation was commended.

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